RMA Brochure 12pp Brochure

Project Summary

Tasked with the re-design and update of the company’s brochure, our team leveraged our prior experience from producing the initial print run, utilizing existing artwork as a reference point.

The need for an updated brochure arose due to the company’s expansion, marked by the inclusion of additional plant equipment since the first print run. Various minor text adjustments were also requested.

With a major trade show on the horizon, the brochure was essential to complement a new trade stand and video, both of which we also produced (link coming soon). A consistent theme, featuring redesigned icons, branding, and style, was meticulously applied across all three projects.

A notable highlight was the creation of a captivating Photoshop montage, encompassing all sectors the company serves. More details about this imagery will be discussed in conjunction with the trade stand information, as it involved intricate layering using numerous photos.

Our team visited RMA onsite to capture images of the new machinery and shop layout, seamlessly incorporating them into the updates for the brochure, trade stand, and video elements.