May 13, 2022

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Fanatec UK homepage

Oh, dear! It’s Friday the 13th but all is well here and hope you are too 🙂

Bit of a quick update of what’s happening at BrightOwl. Some of the previous projects have progressed – The two-directional website is now live and you can check it out here > www.fanatecuk.com, the Olive label pots have moved onto production and so have the Local Craft Beer IPA bottle labels.

The first of the Stickerzilla new products has made its way onto the Amazon website, but can also be found along with two other styles at https://stickerzilla.co.uk/product-category/bin-stickers/movie-bin-stickers/ – more to be added soon and the plan is to keep adding to the range.

A quick preview of a couple of Harry Potter themed stickers is shown – Harry Potter is still extremely popular with many people and we thought these were something a bit different to label your house number on your bin! They are still a work in progress and may not end up working out!

The Stickerzilla homepage is coming along nicely behind the scenes and the main menu of the website is almost there – it’s pretty clear and directional and we are trying to keep it looking bright – what do you think of it?

Until next time, have a great weekend
The BrightOwl Team

Fanatec UK homepage
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