February 18, 2022

BrightOwl – News

SCUK - Beyonk

Hello from the BrightOwl team and wow it’s been windy today, the weather forecast was not wrong this time. On days like these I am glad that designing is an indoor occupation.

So what’s occurring? Some nice images are being worked on for a Beyonk booking system which is being implemented as we speak – a work in progress version is shown below. The RMA Show stand has been in use and will have now been safely packed away by the time you are reading this, awaiting its next outing. It was well received alongside the Brochure and Promotional Video. We have also worked on some leaflet artwork adjustments/alterations on behalf of The Coffee Factory, which will soon be going off to print. And finally preparing some quotes including a big order for multi-variation stickers to be used with food packaging.

Speak soon & stay safe everyone 

The BrightOwl Team

SCUK - Beyonk
RMA Display Stand
Coffee Factory Leaflet